Discover Cork Wallets in India- Slim and Uniquely Designed

Living a cruelty-free life can be tricky, especially with the endless options of vegan wallets available in the market and very little transparency of the material used to make these products.

Wallets have traditionally been made from animal byproducts. Millions of animals are killed every year to get the skin to make leather. Not only is it cruel to animals but also detrimental to our environment due to the many chemicals used in the tanning process of leather.

But there is no need to purchase wallets that are made from animal skin when we have a much better natural and vegan alternative- Cork Wallet. Cork is a completely natural and chemical-free material that is harvested from oak trees. In addition to being eco-friendly, it has properties of being extremely light, water-resistant, durable, and smooth, making it an ideal material to make vegan and stylish looking wallets.

Read on to discover the best cork wallets in India that are uniquely designed to help you carry everything in the most sustainable and smartest way possible!

Dodo Cork Slim Wallet

Sustainable Cork Slim Wallet

We are moving towards a minimalistic approach to life, especially with what we carry on day to day basis. And the idea of ‘less is more’ is not any different when it comes to wallets. With ultra-minimalistic design and smooth texture of cork, Dodo wallet is the slimmest wallet that can perfectly fit both on your front and back pocket. It has six card slots and a center slot for cash and bills. The wallet is sustainably handcrafted with premium quality cork which makes it super light and for being elastic, it easily adapts and adjusts to your growing card needs.

Kakapo cork Wallet

Cork Wallet

Kakapo cork wallet is a quintessential classic bifold cork wallet. It is made for those men who enjoy keeping all things at hand at all times. Designed with functionality and style in mind, Kapapo wallet offers seven card slots and two dedicated sections for carrying cash. The wallet comes in two earthy colors- tan and green. The mindful design and unique quality of cork material make this wallet extremely light, durable, a real vegan wallet that doesn't cause animals and the planet to suffer. There are not enough bifold wallets that offer outstanding storage capacity without adding bulk to your pocket.

Kiwi Zip Cork Wallet

Cork Zip Wallet

If you often find yourself piling up stuff on your wallet, then this wallet can give you the finest and no-fuss organization you need in life. A wallet may contain valuable personal details, important documents, and many other precious items. Therefore, it is important to invest in a wallet you can trust.

Our kiwi zip wallet comes with a zip-around closure that ensures the safety of your items while making it convenient to carry- no fear of items falling out. This compact-sized vegan wallet is extremely light and has plenty of room for your everyday carry needs. The well-designed interior of the wallet offers six card slots, cash compartments, and a snap-shut coin pocket for change. The wallet is handcrafted with natural, soft, and durable cork which gives it a unique and premium feel.

Printed Kiwi Cork wallet

Cork Zip Wallet

If you are someone who enjoys walking around with a wallet that is not just functional but also makes a unique style statement, then look no further. This cork wallet is handcrafted with printed cork and natural cotton canvas, featuring an eye-gabbing look that goes well with all your style and different occasions. The wallet has more than enough room to carry plenty of cards, cash, bills, photographs, and even loose change. Since it is made from cork and canvas, it is highly durable, and considering its compact size, you can easily carry it around everywhere you go.

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