Most Sustainable and Eco-friendly Bags in India

Travel and backpacks go hand in hand. No matter where you go and what you need to carry, having a good-quality backpack makes things easier and a lot more fun.

But sadly, most backpacks come with that deadly material- plastic. Almost 80% of bags available in the market today are made with synthetic fabric, making it detrimental to our environment. These backpacks can not be recycled due to their many parts and as a result, they end up in landfills.

So where can we find better options? How can we travel the world without leaving waste behind?

To answer that, we bring you the list of most sustainable backpacks in India that are completely plastic-free and ethically handcrafted for you and the planet.

Pangolin Backpack

Eco-friendly travel backpack

If you are looking for an eco-friendly travel backpack that fits right for all types of travel, then the pangolin backpack is a great choice. The bag has a firm structure with a roll and out detail gives you additional storage when needed and keeps you free from handling any extra baggage. The bag also has a tripod pocket, trolly strap as well as hooks and mounts for extra gear.

Amur backpack

Sustainable daily carry backpack

Amur backpack is a 100% plastic-free and ethically handcrafted sustainable backpack. Made with high-quality water-resistant canvas, i’s that one go-to backpack that can fulfill all your carry needs no matter where you go. Functional design and multipurpose pockets offer easy organization of your essentials like laptop, bottle, phone, file, or anything you would need at your office, cafe, or trip.

Koala backpack

Eco-friendly Backpack

Known for its bright color and functional aesthetic, the Koala backpack is the most stylish and unique sustainable backpack. Detachable dog hook straps allow you to carry it either as a shoulder backpack or crossbody bag.  And in case you haven’t guessed it already, it’s named after an endangered Koala species.


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