FAQs – Clan Earth


How fast can I get my bag?

If your bag is ready in stock, we can send it out the very next day and it should reach you in 3-4 days approximately.If you have color customizations and or design customizations, we need 5-10 days to craft your bag from scratch & ship it. If you need it immediately in any case, feel free to talk to us on Instagram/Whatsapp and we would try to do the best we can 🙂Your bags are handmade beautifully by highly skilled craftsmen and are single artisan made. We do not mass produce and each piece is made entirely by one tailor himself/herself.

Are your bags water-resistant?

Our bags are made from waxed Cotton Canvas, which makes our bags highly water resistant but do not dunk your bag in a pool because water may seep in from the sides. We also cover the metal chains with a canvas hood to protect your bags in rain. You can best take care of your bags & use it in rain wisely.

Can I customize my bags?

Yes, you can. You can choose from the range of colors we have, add a laptop section, say add an extra bottle space or customize your pockets, just write to us @ info@clanearth.com, or talk to us on Instagram @clanearth or on whatsapp @ 9681747006

What do I do when I am done using the bag?

Say, you have used the bags for years or used it enough and would like to change, you can return the bag and get 10% off on your next buy. We shall use your bag to recycle your fabric/upcycle the metal fittings or donate them.