13 Fantastic Corporate Gifts For Diwali You Need To Order Now!


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-We plant 5 trees per purchase and as a token of authenticity we also provide certificates.


Diwali is the time when entire India transcends into one big lamp of light. It’s that time of the year that is lit by the spirit of glorious earthen diyas, a myriad of sweets, fairy lights, and of course, exchanging gifts. 

But gone are the days, when a box of mithai did the job of a Diwali gift.

Apart from a group of people who are tracking their calories, there is another clan that is looking or hoping for thoughtful gifts. 

Besides, with growing climate awareness, you can’t deny that people are truly looking for sustainable and eco-friendly gifts.  

And that’s the tricky part! 

Choosing the right kind of gift is the single most exhausting thing to do. Added to this, as an organization you don’t want to come off as ignorant by simply gifting sweets, or do you?

Worry not!  

To help you with this, we’ve compiled a list of sustainable corporate gifts for Diwali. The list includes a range of super functional and aesthetically pleasing gifts for everyone. Let’s start!

1.Dodo Slim Cork Wallet

Dodo Cork wallet

Made with nature’s most sustainable fabric – cork, Dodo slim cork wallet is the best gifting choice. It’s cruelty free, chemical free, and most importantly, aesthetically pleasing. 

The wallet has 10 slots that are enough for your cards, some coins, your family’s photograph, and cash. However, these many slots don’t make it a giant bulky wallet. We’ve made sure that it’s sleek, light, and fits anywhere. 

Trust us, this little wallet is enough to give your employees a big glimmery smile!

2. Kakapo Wallet

 Kakapo Cork Wallet

This luxurious, light-weight cork wallet comes in the most enchanting olive-green color. It looks like a classic old-fashioned wallet but it’s so much more than that. Nah! We don’t claim this, but our customers do.

Believe us, pictures don’t do enough justice to the beauty of this wallet. To really feel its finesse, you need to hold it. 

3. Zero Waste Starter Kit

Zero Waste Kit

That feeling when someone ACTUALLY uses your functional gifts is truly inexplicable. 

But to feel that, you need to give something functional in the first place, right?

That’s why we’ve hand tailored this zero-waste starter kit. It consists of:

-Multipurpose Tote Bag

-Upcycled Coconut Shell Candles

-Coconut Bowl Neem Wood Comb

-Bamboo Cutlery Set

-The statement straw set

-A notebook to pen down your thoughts

-Recycled paper pen

-Recycled paper pencil

    You see, everything is functional!

    4. Women’s Day Special Eco-Friendly Gift Box

    Eco-friendly women's gift kit

    No, this gift box is not limited to just women’s day. With the best of Clan Earth’s products, the eco-friendly gift box is the perfect fit for literally any occasion. Be it Diwali, weddings, birthdays, or any other special day.

     The gift box is thoughtfully packed with eco-friendly products that make life simpler and improve your well-being. It includes:

    -Canvas Pika Pouch

    -Upcycle coconut shell candles

    -Bamboo toothbrush

    -And a statement straw set

    With every gift box, you also plant 5 trees and give back to nature. Now doesn’t this make it one of the best corporate diwali gifts? 

    5. Minimalist Sustainable Personal Care Kit

    Sustainable personal care gift kit

    There’s nothing better than living and promoting a minimalist lifestyle. And this can be easily done by gifting our minimalist sustainable personal care kit.

    This kit is mindfully packed considering your various needs and nature. It comes with

    -Upcycled Coconut Shell Candles

    -Neem Comb

    -Bamboo toothbrush

    - The statement straw set

     Each of these products is sustainably made ensuring a healthier life for both you and nature.

    6. Kiwi Printed Cork Wallet

    Kiwi cork sustainable wallet

    When you add colors to the seemingly boring brown, black, blue wallets, you get our kaleidoscopic Kiwi Printed Cork Wallet.

    This wallet is known for its pocket-sized design and a unique blend of printed cork and cotton canvas material. In addition, it has enough room to carry your cards, cash, coins, and more. Plus, it’s water, dust, and mold proof. 

    All this together make it one of the best Diwali corporate gifts

     7. Ultimate Experiential Sustainable Gift Hamper

    Eco-friendly gift kit

    This kit is everything green that you can ever think of. But the most interesting part is that it comes with our Micro Box of Macro Goodness or simply put DIY microgreens growing kit. 

    Other than this, it consists of:

    -Upcycled Coconut Bowls


    -Neem Comb

    -Neem cutlery

    -The statement straw set 

    All this together, makes it a perfect  corporate Diwali gift that is sure to make the receiver glee!

     8. Minimalist Vegan Wallet Festive Gift Box

    Diwali sustainable gift kit

    This festive gift box brings you the best of Clan in the most aesthetic form. It consists of:

    -Dodo Cork Wallet

    -Upcycled Coconut Shell Soy Wax Candle with Essential Oil Aroma

    Besides, with a single purchase of this box you plant 5 trees with one of the world’s reforestation organizations. This helps in making this one of the best corporate diwali gifts. 

    So, place your order before we run out of chances to give back to nature.

     9. Men’s Sustainable Gift Kit

    Eco-friendly men's gift kit

    We’ve got something for men too.

    Our men’s sustainable gift kit is consciously designed considering the various needs of men. It consists of every little thing that they need on a routine basis with a twist of sustainability. This kit includes: 

    -Canvas Oryx Dopp Kit

    -Bamboo toothbrush

    -Neem Wood Comb

    -Recycled Paper Pen

    -Recycled Paper Pencil

    -A notebook embedded with plant-able seeds

     10. Eco-Friendly Diwali Multipurpose Gift box 

    Eco-friendly diwali gift kit

    Make this Diwali special with our Eco-friendly Diwali Multipurpose Gift box.

    This Eco Gift Kit has earth-friendly products that encourages others to take a step towards appreciating and becoming more considerate about nature.  

    With this gift kit, you would also plant 5 trees with us and have a long-term positive impact on the planet. The Gift Box contains:

    -Premium Canvas -jute tote bag

    -Upcycled Coconut Shell Soy Wax Candle with Essential Oil Aroma

    -Plantable Notebook

    -Plantable Pen

    -Plantable Pencil

    -Microgreens Growing Kit: Pack of 2 - 2 Jute Trays, 2 Seed Packs, 2 Soil Cakes, Sprayer and Cutter

    It comes wrapped beautifully in a bold statement box made with recycled cardboard. The packaging is not just completely plastic-free but also simple home compostable.

     11. Eco-Friendly Diwali Gift Hamper with Handcrafted Coconut Lantern 

    Eco-friendly diwali gift kit

    A Diwali Gift Hamper must contain something just more than a box of sweets. How about adding all this to it:

    -Handcrafted Coconut Lantern

    -Upcycled Coconut Shell Soy Wax Candle with Essential Oil Aroma

    -Plantable Notebook

    -Plantable Pen

    -Stainless Steel Straw and Cleaner

    -Bamboo Cutlery Set

    -Jute Pouch

    -Plantable Pencil

    Sounds nice? Well, our Diwali gift hamper does exactly that for you. 

    Besides, the gift hamper comes wrapped beautifully in a tote bag and inside a bold statement box made with recycled cardboard. The packaging is not just completely plastic-free but also simple home compostable.

     12. Premium Eco - friendly Diwali Gift box (Cork and Coco Products)

    Eco-friendly diwali gift kit

    Corporate gifting can be pretty confusing and tiring. You don’t want to look over friendly but neither too serious. In most cases you don’t want to spend way out of your league, and it’s hard to find cheap and good products.

    But our premium eco-friendly Diwali gift box is the perfect fit for your pocket, and looks pretty nice. Okay, a lot nice!

     It comes with: 

    -Premium Canvas -jute tote bag

    -Dodo Cork Wallet

    -Upcycled Coconut Shell Soy Wax Candle with Essential Oil Aroma

    -Handcrafted Coconut Lantern

    -Plantable Pen

    -Plantable Pencil

    -Cork Pen Stand

    -Microgreens Growing Kit: Pack of 2 - 2 Jute Trays, 2 Seed Packs, 2 Soil Cakes, Sprayer and Cutter

    -Plantable Notebook 

    The package you’ll receive will be wrapped beautifully in a bold statement box made with recycled cardboard. So, you can use it for some other purposes. For instance, to pack more corporate gifts for diwali for your colleagues. 

    13. Sustainable Gift Microgreens Kit - Pack of 4 Seeds

    Eco-friendly micro green kit

    Living in cities means always eating either packed food or vegetables that travel kilometers before they reach you.

    Both of this to an extent kills the natural flavor. And there’s no denying the fact that city folks always die to eat something truly farm-fresh.

    Well, you can give this happiness to you in the form of our Micro-green kit. This kit easily lets you grow the first true leaves from a seedling of vegetables and herbs. These can be easily grown for a flavourful and nutritious addition to your daily meals!

     Each microgreen kit consists of:

    -4 Varieties of Seeds: Sunflower, Radish, Basil, Beetroot

    -4 Jute Trays for growing microgreens

    -2 coco peat disc

    -1 clipper

    -1 water sprayer

    -1 Manual card

    -Seeds are Open-Pollinated, Non-Hybrid, Non-GMO seeds

     So, grow your greens and make your meals even more fresh!

    With this you have an extensive list of some of the best sustainable corporate gifts for diwali out there! These are thoughtfully made and even more consciously planned to make your life simple without leaving a single dent on nature. Plus, now you will never run out of  corporate diwali gifts ideas. 


    So, go ahead, place your order and explore more for everything ecofriendly and sustainable !


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