Clan Earth is a revolution to inspire this generation to live sustainably with nature. Our Brand Ambassadors Program is an opportunity to be a part of that revolution. Sustainable Living Revolution is going to change the face of the planet. We can help reforest and restore our eco-system as much. You can be a part of that.


 Clan Earth Ambassador 1

If you are chosen to become an ambassador,
  • You’ll earn income by inspiring others to live sustainably, mindfully, and with kindness!

    • We will generate a 10% ambassador discount code, as well as a personalized referral link you can share with your family, friends, and followers.

      • You’ll get paid 10% commission every time someone makes a purchase through your referral link.

          Please note that we do not provide free products as part of our ambassador program.


              Clan Earth Ambassador


              Clan Earth Ambassadors must be 18 years of age or older with an active social media presence. If accepted into the program, you will be required to:

              • Add our Instagram handle (@clanearth) to your bio or create a story highlight called “Clan Earth” and add your related stories to it.

                • Share two mission-driven posts per month on your channels and tag Clan Earth.

                  • Mention Clan Earth in your story or share our content on your story three times per month.

                      AMBASSADOR REWARDS

                      Clan Earth Ambassador Program Rewards

                      Clan Earth Ambassador Rewards 2

                      Clan Earth Ambassador Rewards 3

                      HOW TO GET INVOLVED

                      Write to us at Please include the following in your video:
                      1. Full Name
                      2. Contact Number
                      3. E-mail ID
                      4. City and Country
                      5. Age
                      6. Instagram handle
                      7. YouTube Channel (If present)
                      8. Record a video telling us
                      9. A little bit about yourself, including your social media handles.
                      10. Tell us why you are so passionate about mindful and sustainable living and why being a Clan Earth Ambassador is important to you.
                      11. Give us a sneak peek at how you will share Clan Earth’s culture and our mission with your audience.


                        Let's spread as much goodness as we can!