Valentines Day gift Ideas in India

The season of love and finger-twirled infinite bonds is right at the corner, and so is the time to wrap gifts with all your hearts for your dear beloved. But, as much as we share gifts as a token of our deep love and affection, we don't want our love to be the reason for waste. We are talking about gifts wrapped in plastic, filled with confetti, and shimmered with glitter which are still commonly exchanged. But this is not 2005, is it? So this Valentine, let's go green in love. 

Because everything is fair in love and war but not climate change. Never Climate Change. 

This Valentine, we bring you handpicked combos of eco-friendly Valentine's gifts that feel like a warm hug to your loved ones and also to mother nature. 

Amur and Koala Backpack

Valentines Day Combo

Backpacks go hand to hand with our daily life. Whether you commute daily to the office, travel or even love hiking, things get more manageable if you have something you can stuff with everything you need.

Amur and koala backpacks are made with high-quality water-resistant canvas and are entirely vegan and plastic-free. Functional design and multipurpose pockets offer easy organization of your essentials like laptop, bottle, phone, file, or anything you need at your office, cafe, or trip. 

Talking about Koala, Its bright colour and versatile design make it the chicest and most sustainable backpack. What more? Detachable dog hook straps allow you to carry it on your shoulder or use it as a crossbody bag. How fun!

Kakapo and Kiwi wallet 

Valentines day wallet combo

If finding the perfect eco Valentine's gift is your goal, then you can never go wrong with our flattering and sustainably sleek wallets. 

Our kakapo wallet is handcrafted with entirely vegan and natural material- cork, that is naturally harvested. The wallet has a super sleek look, smooth texture, and minimal design to keep 'his' pocket and heart light. 

Kiwi zip wallet is known for its pocket-sized design and unique fusion of printed cork and cotton canvas material. It has enough room to carry everything you need while stepping out cash, coins, keys, cards, and more.

Swift fox sling and pika purse 

Valentines day sling combo

If your Sundays consist of getting up late and going out for brunch with your partner, then our sling collection will add extra style to your brunch OOTD. 

Unlike fast fashion, Our sling collection is sustainably made with natural material and designed to last for life. These slings are compact, easy to carry, and spacious enough to store all your essentials on a day out or short trip. With multiple poppy color options, the Pika purse is a great statement piece that is fun and at the same time functional. And in case you like to keep you hands free while travelling, Swift fox sling is the perfect eco-friendly Valentine's gift for you 

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