Eco-friendly Yoga Mats in India 

If your routine life weighs you down, then practicing yoga religiously can turn you inside-out and align your inner peace. Maybe this is why yoga is never linked with exercise but always with lifestyle. The Sanskrit term for Yoga is 'Yuj' meaning 'to unite'- unite with the divine energy of soul, body, and nature.  

Whether you like doing yoga indoors or in the open air, a yoga mat is an essential item for all yogis. But did you know? Not picking the right one may expose you to toxic plastic chemicals and pose several threats to your health as well as to the environment.  

The unknown problem with a conventional plastic yoga mat 

Most of the conventional yoga mats in use today are made from PVC, a synthetic plastic polymer. While this material gives flexibility, resilience, and sponge-like cushioning to the mat, it also comes with huge health and environmental cost. 

Toxins found in the mat can be inhaled and even absorbed through your skin leading to many adverse health issues. Studies have found that exposure to these toxins can cause reproductive, neurological, and immune effects in humans as well as animals. 

In addition, these yoga mats are not recyclable. Meaning, once you discard them, they build up in landfills, releasing toxins chemicals into the land, sea, and air. 

But luckily there are better alternatives that can make your yoga practice more comfortable and safe without leaving any dent in the environment. Here are some options of eco-friendly yoga mats for you to pick from. 

Sustainable and Eco-friendly yoga mats 

Tattva Premium jute and cotton yoga mat 

Tattva yoga mat

Tattva jute and cotton yoga mat is made from 100% natural and eco-friendly jute material. With great gripping texture and 6mm cushioning, this sustainable yoga mat is ideal for comfortable light yoga, meditation, and chanting. If you want an eco-friendly yoga mat that lasts you generations, free from harmful toxins and does not weigh so much, then this is a great pick. 

 Premium Jute and a natural rubber yoga mat

Jute yoga mat

This sustainable yoga mat is made in a highly sustainable manner with jute and 100% natural rubber. It is non-toxic, grippy, and perfectly cushioned, allowing you to do your favorite asana with ease. The natural plant latex backing makes the mat anti-skidding and provides a better grip even on wooden floors.

Cork yoga mat

Cork Yoga Mat

Hand-tailored with expert preciseness and artistry, the Masu Indra yoga mat is your go-to-go for a relaxing and energizing yoga session. It is made with cork and natural rubber of premium quality. There are plenty of perks of using a cork yoga mat: Aside from being the most sustainable material around, it’s also lightweight, antimicrobial, odor-free, and non-slip.

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