Sustainable and eco-friendly corporate gifts in India

Choose from our exclusive range of sustainable and Eco friendly Corporate Gifts in India. Gifts that are not only functional and aesthetically pleasing but also good for the planet.

Few examples of much loved eco friendly corporate gifts in India are:
The Dodo slim cork wallet  is made of Nature's most Sustainable fabric- Cork. Unlike leather, it's cruelty-free and chemical free too. It has slots for 6 cards, 2 more sections for more cards (up to 10 cards), bills, a loved photograph and even some coins and a middle section for cash. We have slimmed your wallets from a bulky giant to the sleekest version. Yes, that's true, this wallet stores everything the bulky wallets do & still stays slim. Your bum will say thank you!
Will instantly put a smile on your eco-conscious employee
Clan Earth's plastic-free, made from high quality water-resistant canvas, thoughtfully designed 20 litres, office and travel bag/backpack for everyday carry & travel! Has tons of storage still achieving a sleek look! What more to ask for? We plant 5 trees per product sold to fight climate change. It's great for you & for the planet. Also, it's named after a leopard and impacts like one!
Introducing Grow Your Own Microgreens Kit! - Grow your greens in 7 days Each Microgreens Seeds Kit contains: 4 Varieties of Seeds: Sunflower, Radish, Basil, Beetroot 4 Jute Trays for growing microgreens 2 cocopeat disc 1 clipper 1 water sprayer 1 Manual card Seeds are Open-Pollinated, Non-Hybrid, Non-GMO seeds
Zero Waste Kit - curated with love and helps transition into sustainable living without making drastic changes in your life.
The box includes 12 earth-friendly products.
You can compile your own zero waste kit by selecting from our range of products!


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